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Looking to support Herne Bay Umbrella?

Any support you are able to offer us will go a long way towards making a meaningful difference to our organisation.
There are various ways you can support the centre.
If you would like to make a direct donation you can do so by clicking the link below.
If you decide to run a sponsored event then that would be great, and you can find a few fundraising links below.
Even shopping at your local co-op, could raise funds for us, just scroll down this page to find out how.

Click Here To Make A Direct Donation

this link will take you to the website

Co-op Local Community Fund


For the next year (until 23 October 2021) the Co-op is supporting us as a local charity.

Whenever £1.00 is spent on Co-op branded goods at a Co-op store, they will give 2p to a local charity. But this is not automatic, so we need your help!


What do you need to do to help support us?

FIRST become a member of the Co-op. To find out more, you can click this link below:

SECOND, you need to tell the Co-op that you want some money to go to us. Click this link below and let them know you are supporting the Umbrella Centre.

So how does this work?

Becoming a member of the Co-op involves filling out a form and getting a loyalty card.

They do charge £1.00 initially for becoming a member, but once you have your membership card then you can personally get 2p reward every time you spend £1.00 on your weekly shopping of Co-op branded goods. If you already regularly shop at the Co-op then this seems like a good idea. The 2p reward will go into your personal membership fund, which you can then spend at the Co-op store.

Every time you get a 2p reward for yourself, the Co-op will also set aside 2p for charity (so that is 4p saving in total).

Here is the breakdown:

You spend £1.00.

2p goes to your membership fund for you to spend however you wish.

1p is given by the Co-op to a Nationwide charity.

1p is given by the Co-op to a Local charity (we are one of the local charities).

Thanks for all your support.

As a registered charity, the Umbrella Centre of Herne Bay needs to continually raise money to help make a difference to mental health in the local community. We're very grateful to those who provide funds for our work, who are listed below, and also to the many businesses in Herne Bay who help by providing gifts for raffles and have collection boxes in their premises.

Here are some fun ways that you can help raise money for the Umbrella:


Can you give a few hours each month to help organise our fundraising activities?  

We are looking for people to join a friendly and active fundraising group to help organise community activities: anything from quizzes to fairs or collections.  

No previous experienced required, just an enthusiasm to help a local charity! 

Visit our Contact Page to get in touch, and find out how you could help!

Fundraising Group

Our Thanks to the funders who support our continued work within the community:

Kent County Council | Canterbury & Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group | The Henry Smith Charity

L&M Coaches | Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions Club | Canterbury City Council

Kent Community Foundation (The Brook Trust Fund) | Big Lottery Fund - Awards For All

Llyods Bank Foundation for England and Wales | Serco (Waste Collection Guarantee Fund)

Herne Bay in Bloom | Kind Hearts | The People's Millions

A big thank you to the following shops, for holding collection boxes on our behalf:

Mascot Bakery | Kids Corner | Grainger's | The Druid's Head | HOT Café | Pepper's Hair and Beauty

Ming Garden | Mr Chips | The Old Firm

Thank you to all of our supporters. Every penny helps us to keep our centre running.

Thank You

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