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Herne Bay Umbrella Centre are committed to supporting and enhancing the lives of people in the local community with mental health and/or associated learning disabilities.

Our Aims

  • To provide community support and activity via a drop-in centre.

  • Relieve the effects of mental sickness, disability and disorder

  • Protect and preserve mental, emotional and physical health.

  • Avoid isolation often associated with mental health difficulties.

How we meet Our Aims

We can provide comfort and support in a safe environment and the opportunity to meet other people with the same sort of problems.

We also run a variety of activities to support these aims. Full details on these groups can be found on our 'Current Delivery' page.

Our Staff



Manager / Co-ordinator

Matt was a session worker for a number of years before becoming manager at the end of 2019.



Session Worker

Stephen has been a session worker since January 2020.


Session Worker

Laura has been a session worker for a number of years.


Session Worker

Rachel has been a session worker for a few years.

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